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The Ultimate in flexibility.

Who is it for ?

A constantly changing schedule tends to be the norm for you, rather than the exception. You require your language training to be tailored to yo...

The convenient and efficient way to schedule and master conversation : 

Learning a language in the shortest time possible.

Berlitz Tunis Total Immersion® is an especially i...

Who is it for ? 

Group tuition recommended who want to learn or brush up language skills gradually. <...

The fast track to your chosen language – Tailor-made and effective : 

Just you and your language instructor :

Individual instruction is the most efficient way to master language skil...

Efficient language training for employees : 

Instruction according to your rules :

Training groups of employees requires careful coordination and plan...

  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.  +(216) 31 300 474 / 31 300 475 / 31 300 476

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